Poker Client Software

Poker client software


The client software runs on any PC with adequate hardware and runs Windows XP or later. Although no Mac or Linux version is provided, care has been taken to make sure that the client runs well under the well known Wine emulation layer. Therefore most Mac and Linux users can with some guidance install and run the client on their computers.


The client has had extensive support for internationalization built in from start and can be fully translated to most languages. All text is specified in Unicode UTF8 format through external translation files and rules for how to write ordinals (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) and how to format currencies can be specified. Time and date is formatted according to the client computers windows settings. Support for non-alphabetic languages such as Chinese and Korean has also been successfully implemented with some limitations.
Only left to right writing is supported for the moment, but support for bi-directional writing can be added if the need arises.

Graphical Customization

The clients graphical user interface (GUI) allows for a great deal of customization thanks to the use of a custom made GUI system and special tools. Position, size, look and feel of the buttons, menus, sliders, checkboxes etc can all be customized and a range of default offers are provided.

Poker Client Software

Most online poker software developers offer multi-player client-server turnkey poker solutions. Fully customized poker software powered by world leading providers is the core concern when starting your own online poker room.

  • Your poker room branding (including your logo on poker tables and desktop icon);
  • Color scheme changing opportunity;
  • Avatars choice;
  • Poker website structure customization;
  • Unique non-template design for the poker website creation opportunity.

Poker Client Software

The typical structure of a poker room looks the following way:

Pokerstars Client Software Not Responding

Poker website.
Poker Game Website is that part of the system where the Poker game Client can be downloaded from. The main Poker Game Website is information providing, promotion, and user attraction.

  • Data exchange with Poker Game Clients performance;
  • Data validity verification;
  • Current system database status update;
  • User accounts management;
  • Payment systems integration;
  • Poker Game Tables management;
  • Participating in the same game players synchronization;
  • Games logic performing;
  • Poker Tournaments management.



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