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  2. Nov 08, 2013 Neopets Round Table Poker Guide Basic Information: Round Table Poker (click to play) Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories 1 NP per 5 points For 1,000 NP, score 200. Avatar Neopedia Cheats None None None Trophies How to Play Poker This is.
  3. Infamous Joe’s List of ALL Review Scores and Game ID’s.PLEASE READ. I won’t have any scores that are inaccurate. If you send a score too fast using a program, obviously you will get an instant review which leads to a freeze, so wait 10 minutes before sending, it doesn’t hurt.

How to play[edit]

At the start of the game, each player is dealt ten cards of a possible forty. Each card features a different Neopian character, and ranks them in three categories — courage, charisma, and intelligence. The player starts the game — they must choose one category from their first card and see if it beats the same category on Zenco’s card. The player with the highest score in that category wins the round and captures their opponent’s card. The game continues until one player has captured all twenty cards in play.

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Round Table Poker Neopets Guide Free

The user can chose to swap their card with the bonus card, Nightsteed, once per game. This card has fairly high statistics in all categories, but can be beaten in each category by certain other cards. Win or lose, Nightsteed is discarded after that round, and if the user lost the round, Zenco will only get the original card the user swapped out.

List of cards[edit]

This is a list of all cards available in the game. It is sortable by each category to see how highly ranked a card is. The bonus card, Nightsteed, is highlighted in gold.


  • The median statistic for each category (not including Nightsteed) is: Courage (9.5); Charisma (9); and Intelligence (107.5).

Round Table Poker Neopets Guide Cheat

In Meridell’s short time on Neopia (well, since it’s rediscovery), it has been forced to endure two vicious wars.. well, actually, since it only exists in the past, I suppose it had already endured those two wars over 300 years ago. Anyways, King Skarl rules over Meridell. Long long ago, Meridell was not so prosperous, so King Skarl sent out his bravest troops to find a way to save his kingdom. In the peaceful land of Darigan, a powerful Golden Orb was found that could maintain peace and prosperity forever. Skarl’s soldiers stole the orb, and although Meridell prospered, Darigan was cursed.

Round Table Poker Neopets Guide For Beginners

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